Great Britain
Rifle Team
South Africa 2008


David Dyson Wins the State Presidents Final with 298.32 (won by a handful of V-bulls)

Parag Patel Wins the South African Championship with 954.120

GB Win the Protea match by 6 points and 25 v-bulls! GB 1765.185 RSA 1759.160

 Pictures of the last Days
 Results, Diaries and Photos from the tour.
 Friday 4th April - The Protea (Teams)
 Friday 4th April - State President II
 Thursday 3rd April - Grand Aggregate
 Thursday 3rd April - Long Range Aggregate
 Thursday 3rd April - President Cup
 Thursday 3rd April - 4th Day Aggregate
 Thursday 3rd April - 600m Aggregate
 Thursday 3rd April - Col R Bodley Memorial
 Thursday 3rd April - Jack Mitchley
 Thursday 3rd April - Kings Norton Cup
 Wednesday 2nd April - SABU International Invitational (Teams)
 Wednesday 2nd April - 3rd Day Aggregate
 Wednesday 2nd April - Municipal
 Wednesday 2nd April - State President I
 Tuesday 1st April - Rhodes Cup (Teams)
 Tuesday 1st April - Individual Highlights to Date
 Tuesday 1st April - JHC Aggregate
 Tuesday 1st April - 2nd Day Aggregate
 Tuesday 1st April - Dave Smith Cup
 Tuesday 1st April - Dalrymple Cup
 Monday 31st March - Orange Freestate Cup
 Saturday 29th March - Dewar (Teams)
 Saturday 29th March - Scottish Sword
 Friday 28th March - Free State Highlights
 Friday 28th March - Free State Individual
 Friday 28th March - Free State Long
 Friday 28th March - Free State Short
 Thursday 27th March - Free State Pairs
 Saturday 5th April Diary
 Friday 4th April Diary
 Thursday 3rd April Diary
 Wednesday 2nd April Diary
 Tuesday 1st April Diary
 Monday 31st March Diary
 Sunday 30th March Diary
 Saturday 29th March Diary
 Friday 28th March Diary
 Thursday 27th March Diary
 Wednesday 26th March Diary
 Tuesday 25th March Diary
 Monday 24th March Diary
 Sunday 23rd March Diary
 Saturday 22nd March Diary
 Photos from Saturday 5th April
 Photos from Friday 4th April
 Photos from Thursday 3rd April
 Photos from Wednesday 2nd April
 Photos from Tuesday 1st April
 Photos from Monday 31st March
 Photos from Sunday 30th March
 Photos from Saturday 29th March
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 Photos from Sunday 23rd March