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NRA Probationary Membership
Step 1: Apply to join as a Probationary Member

NRA Membership Application Form

Please complete this and send to Nick Halford, only by post or in person.

  Nick Halford
  National Rifle Association
  National Shooting Centre
  GU24 0PB

Once your Probationary Membership form has been processed and your referee forms have been received and checked, you can then book your training sessions using the form below.

Please contact Nick Halford / 01483 797 777 ext 138 for Membership enquiries.

Course Overview:

MODULE 1 Safety and Intro to Target Shooting, including Safe Handling and Range Safety Regulations; .22 Gallery Rifle shoot at 25 yds.

This will be followed by:

MODULE 2 Marksmanship Principles; MOA, intro to sighting systems; basic firearm cleaning and maintenance; Fullbore shoot at 100 yds.

MODULES 3 & 4 Two separate days covering Full-bore shooting at 100/300/600/1000 yds with Iron sight (TR and Historic) and scoped rifles (bolt action and straight pull); basic positional techniques; target marking/butts duties; Range Office procedure.

MODULE 5 Gallery Rifle, revision and assessments for Shooter Certification Cards (SCCs); competitive shooting events; specialist Skills Development courses and Club/Association leads.

Please click here for upcoming course dates and an application form

Please see below or click here for up to date probationary training availability.

Step 2: Book Probationary Training sessions

Probationary Training Course Application Form

Please see below for up to date probationary training availability.

Once your Probationary Membership application has been approved and you have been emailed with your membership number please complete this form.

Probationary Members' training is made up of five compulsory full day modules. All Modules include a combination of classroom and practical range sessions.

A downloadable version of the training application form can be found by clicking here and this can be sent to Mark Haigh by email, post, fax or in person.

  Mark Haigh
  National Rifle Association
  National Shooting Centre
  GU24 0PB
  01483 797285

Please contact Mark Haigh / 01483 797 777 ext 139 for Probationary Training enquiries.

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