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Stickledown Electronic Targets - Shot Detection Anomalies - Update

Shortly after the installation in August 2017 of the Stickledown electronic targets we started to receive reports of "missed or unrecorded shots". The shooters were claiming to be hitting the target consistently and grouping well but then a shot would, randomly, not be recorded on the system. The preceding and subsequent shots were on target and recorded suggesting that it was unlikely that the shooter had missed the target.

After receipt of several, similar, observations two NRA staff each fired a sequence of shots each at an electronic target. They found that there were shots that were not recorded by the system, immediately, but the unrecorded shot did appear at the centre of the target (co-ordinates 0,0) when the subsequent round struck. The "unrecorded" ratio was in the region of 1 in 30. The issue was reported to the supplier Intarso via Dr Harvey Hardaway.

Dr Hardaway monitored targets 49 & 50 during the F Class European Competition on 29 Sep 17. 3 x shots were unrecorded on Target 50. The fault was investigated using a "debug" server and by analysing shockwave data. A software error was quickly identified and the targets were re-programmed.

There have been no further reports of unrecorded shots and the software fix has had the effect of making the system more accurate.

Recent Issue

A recent software update caused a ?run time error?, this was rectified remotely from Germany. The update has also had an effect on the ?Reset Shots? button this is being addressed from Germany but there is a possibility we will revert to the previous version of software until this issue can be resolved.

Technical Support

The service from Intarso has been outstanding we have access to Wiltshire Ballistic Services whose longest response time thus far has been next day, commonly on site. We also have telephone access to Intarso In Germany who have proved to be responsive and effective resolving many issues remotely.

Updated: 26-Oct-17 (Original posting: 26-Oct-17)

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